Why do so many people choose Big Eye Charters for their fishing trip? 

  • Professional and polite captains and mates who speak Spanish and English.
  • Nice clean boats with comfortable seating and good shade
  • Safety is priority with us. Life jackets on board. Captains trained in first aid.
  • Dependable boats with dependable engines. We have an excellent record when it comes to traveling to the fishing grounds and returning safely without engine failures and breakdowns.
  • Family and kid friendly. We provide patience as we assist you and your family during your fishing charter. 
  • First time anglers always welcome.
  • The well experienced anglers choose Big Eye Charters
  • We specialize in fly fishing for sailfish and other species. We enjoy and look forward to every fly fishing trip.  We provide fly fishing tackle or you may bring your own. 
  • Repeat customers fish with us over and over not because we are the cheapest fishing charter in town but because we are one of the very best fishing charters in town.

Do you want the very best and want to go the extra miles offshore? Maybe you have a budget to work with. Looking for a 1/2 day inshore/nearshore, a 3/4 day offshore charter or a full day offshore fishing charter? Maybe you are the well experienced  angler. Maybe this trip is for your family and you want the kids to have the experience of a lifetime. There are options. Let us give you the fishing charter you are looking for.       

5hr 40 min battle to the boat by a 17 year old lady angler

Big Eye II

Sailfish caught fly fishing February 12th 2017.

Tasty triple tail caught on 1/2 day inshore

January 14th 2017

Marlin Magazine with marlin fishing tips

Captain Sydney, a Costa Rican Captain, is found on the Big Eye. Captain Sydney is always happy to be on the water whether he is offshore chasing sailfish, marlin, mahi mahi or inshore fishing for snapper, snook and rooster fish. He speaks English and Spanish. You will enjoy fishing with this experienced captain.

Giant tuna caught March 2nd

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​​​Caught on fly rod

​December 29th, 2016

SportFishing in Quepos Costa rica

Join us for some awesome Sportfishing in Quepos Costa with Big Eye Charters. We are recommended by many people from professional anglers to the family fishermen. Big Eye Charters is very popular among Sportfishing  Charters in Costa Rica. All you have to do is ask around town at the local restaurants and everyone will recommend Big Eye Fishing Charters. With over 25 years of experience, you will get the best. We have an awesome team. Captain Franklin Araya Martinez is at the helm on the Big Eye II. Captain Franklin has been fishing out of Quepos for many years. Captain Sydney, aboard the Big Eye, is always very friendly and laid back. Our team is first class and love to be on the water fishing.                                                          

We give you the extra mile, the extra time and the extra effort!       Our Results Show

Family Fishing

1/2, 3/4, Full Day

Our captains and mates are family friendly. They speak Spanish and English. Your mate will assist you and your children as much or as little as you want. We have a fighting chair that is very helpful with fighting a big sailfish or marlin. We often see dolphins, sea turtles, frigate birds and sometimes whales. Experience family fishing and fun.

Big tuna bite is still on!

April 2nd 2017

Captain Franklin Araya Martinez

Call, Text or Email Don now for todays fishing report or to book a private charter            

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Tuna fishing in Quepos

Mahi mahi caught January 17, 2017

Captain Franklin Araya Martinez, a Costa Rican Captain, will usually be found at the helm of the Big Eye II. Whether it is chasing big Pacific sailfish, marlin, dorado, tuna, roosterfish, jacks, grouper or snapper, Captain Franklin will provide his experience and expertise with Quepos Fishing Charters. Franklin is our Fly Fishing expert. You will enjoy the thrill as Franklin teases the giant sailfish behind the boat and you see your favorite fly attacked. Hang on and enjoy the show. Captain Franklin has fished out of Quepos, Drake Bay, Golfito, Canada, Martha’s Vineyard. Quepos/ Manuel antonio is home for Captain Franklin and his family.

Visit our Fishing and Beach apparel store at Marina Pez Vela. Aldo will be happy to assist you or just enjoy some friendly chat. 

Blue Marlin Quepos Costa Rica
Mahi Mahi fishing Costa Rica

Private Group or Individuals 

1-5 People


If you are are looking for a Manuel Antonio family fishing charter then you will actually be fishing out of Quepos. Quepos is only 3-4 miles down the mountain. Manuel Antonio is a beautiful town located along the mountainside with a spectacular view. This town is where you will find most tourists. There are plenty of restaurants, shops and entertainment found in this Costa Rica town. We are family friendly and welcome the first time anglers.

Big Tuna caught January 27th 2017

Fly Fishing

Full Day Offshore

Fish with the fly fishing expert. Captain Franklin has patience, experience and a passion for fly fishing. Watching a big sailfish take your fly and begin his dance is spectacular. We provide fly fishing tackle or you may bring your own. 

Marlin below was caught on a fly December 11th, 2016

We offer Columbia, Costa del Mar, Mojo, Guy Harvey and much more.

Marina Pez Vela

drake bay adventure

3 Day Trip

Depart Quepos and fish our way offshore to Drake Bay. Spend two nights at one of the lodges and enjoy one of the most beautiful locations on the Pacific. Fish the second day nearshore and then fish the third day offshore as we travel back to Quepos.

Giant Tuna in Quepos Costa Rica

Dinner with the Captain and

his family. Thank you Mr Dale.

Offshore Fishing

Full Day and 3/4 Day Trips

We usually have plenty of sailfish action offshore on the full day trips.  It is also very common to catch tuna, mahi mahi and marlin.  The full day charter is the best option for the serious anglers. Sailfish action is usually good on the 3/4 day trip with other fish occasionally.  

Inshore/ nearshore

1/2 Day Trips

We target the popular rosterfish on the half day trips. We sometimes catch snapper, mackerel and jacks on these trips. The key to catching rooster fish is finding good live bait. This takes time and patience but the reward can be great. 

Family fishing Costa Rica

​​​Quepos FISHING REPORTS for April 25th , 2017


Fishing near Quepos and Manuel Antonio Costa Rica has been good overall. We are experiencing the spectacular numbers of sailfish like we saw last year. We are having fair success with the sailfish. We are however still bringing some giant tuna to the dock. The tuna bite has been very consistant. An occasional blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin and mahi mahi are also being caught. The blue marlin bite is better this year than last year. We are seeing a bit more variety this year. Captain Franklin on the Big Eye II and Captain Sydney on the Big Eye are both having really good catches on the full day offshore trips. Captain Sydney on the Big Eye is also catching snapper, snook, rooster fish, mackerel and jacks on the inshore trips.  We are enjoying some very nice sunny days and calm seas. We are now located at the beautiful Marina Pez Vela in Quepos. No more struggling to get on and off the boat at the old pier. You will appreciate the comfort of stepping on and off the boat in a very safe and calm setting. From the expert to the first time angler, everyone is welcome. 

February 22nd 2017

Fly Fishing Sailfish Costa Rica

"'Where the passion for fishing still exists" 

Welcome to Fishing Costa Rica with Big Eye Charters. We are located at Marina Pez Vela in Quepos, which is only 3 miles from beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park. We are all about fishing and experiencing a fun day on the water. As for as Quepos Costa Rica fishing, you may book a half day inshore fishing charter or one, two, three or more days of offshore fishing with us. We target sailfish, blue marlin, black marlin, dorado (mahi mahi), jacks, mackerel, roosterfish, cubera snapper and more. We offer two boats, Big Eye and Big Eye II. These boats have comfortable seating and extra shade. Don’t get stuck on a boat with very uncomfortable seating, having to lean on the edge of the boat for a seat and baking in the sun. We can accommodate up to 6 people on each boat, especially with a family and kids. We prefer 4-5 adults but 6 people are okay. Enjoy our first-class fishing tackle as you battle with one of the many big fish that are found off Costa Rica. Our Captains and mates speak Spanish and English. You will feel relaxed as soon as you step on the boat and experience the Costa Rican hospitality. If you are looking for a Manual Antonio fishing charter then you are only a short 3 mile ride from the dock in Quepos. Join us us for some fun Manuel Antonio Fishing. We are family friendly. Bring the kids.            

We welcome experienced anglers, fly fishermen and first time anglers. Families are always welcome. Experience the thrill of Costa Rica Fishing. Don McPherson and Captain Franklin are owners of Big Eye Charters. Franklin has over 25 years of fishing experience. Don and Franklin strive to provide one of the best fishing charter businesses in Costa Rica. Please call, text or email us with any questions you may have. If this is your first time to Costa Rica, then let us answer your questions, share my tips and assist you with finding accommodations, activities and of course, your Big Eye Charters Quepos Costa Rica fishing charters. 

located at Marina Pez Vela

Our boats are located at the beautiful Marina Pez Vela in Quepos, Costa Rica. You will appreciate the easy boarding on our boats in the calm waters at the marina.  This is a gated marina with security. You may purchase your fishing license at the marina. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, entertainment and an emergency care center. Have your fresh catch prepared at one of the fine restaurants. Visit our fishing and beach apparel store, Pacific Fish and Beach. We have Costa sunglasses, Guy Harvey, Columbia, Mojo, Le Franc Beachwear and more. 

Mahi mahi caught January 28

Big Marlin caught April 23rd

Marlin Fishing Costa Rica

​​​​Fishing Costa Rica


Snook caught January 17th, 2017

Inshore trip

Fishing for Snook near Quepos


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Our Boats

The Big Eye is a 31' Jersey and the Big Eye II is a 32' Blackwatch. Both boats have extra shade for your comfort. You will appreciate the comfortable seating as you relax and wait on the big one to bite. The Big Eye has a cruising speed of approximately 18 knots and the Big Eye II has a cruising speed of about 21 knots.