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Fishing Costa Rica with Big Eye Charters | Quepos/ Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Fishing with Big Eye Charters
Quepos / Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Fishing with Big Eye Charters. Experienced anglers, first time fishermen and family fishing groups all welcomed. Catch sailfish, marlin, dorado, mahi mahi, tuna, rooster fish, snapper, jacks, mackerel and more. Bring your friends, clients, wife, kids or family.
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 Quepos Costa Rica Fishing with      Big Eye Charters


Welcome to Fishing Costa Rica. We are located in Quepos, which is only 3 miles from beautiful Manuel Antonio. We are all about fishing and experiencing a fun day on the water. You may simply book your fishing charter with us or you may also allow us to assist you with planning and arranging your vacation in Costa Rica. There is so much to see and do in this beautiful country. As for as Quepos, Costa Rica fishing, you may book a half day inshore fishing charter or one, two, three or more days of offshore fishing with us. We target sailfish, blue marlin, black marlin, dorado (mahi mahi), jacks, mackerel, roosterfish, cubera snapper and more. We offer two boats, Big Eye and Big Eye II. We can accommodate up to 6 people on each boat, especially with a family and kids. We prefer 4-5 adults. Enjoy our first-class fishing tackle as you experience an exciting battle with one of the many big fish that swim off Costa Rica. Our Captains and mates speak Spanish and English. You will feel relaxed as soon as you step on the boat and experience the Costa Rican hospitality. If you are looking for a Manual Antonio fishing charter then you are only a short 3 mile ride from the dock in Quepos. Join us us for some fun Manuel Antonio Fishing. We welcome experienced anglers, fly fishermen, first time anglers and family fishing groups. Kids love us. Experience the thrill of Costa Rica Fishing. I am Captain Don McPherson, owner with Captain Franklin. Please call, text or email me with any questions you may have. You will find contact information at the bottom of this page. I have been fishing Costa Rica for 10 years. I am from Orange Beach, Al in the U.S. but you will find me in Costa Rica much of the time. If this is your first time to Costa Rica, then let me answer your questions, share my tips and assist you with finding accommodations, activities and of course, your Costa Rica fishing charter. 


Fishing Costa Rica

Take a look at our Trip Advisor and Facebook reviews. You will learn more about Fishing Costa Rica. We also encourage you to write a review after you have fished with us. We have individuals and groups who have fished with us repeatedly for many years. We always look forward to those who join us for their first time. You will also find find some nice pics and comment on both sites.



Franklin Araya Martinez is the Captain of the Big Eye II and Olman Ramos is the Captain of the Big Eye. Join us for some of the finest Costa Rica Fishing along the Pacific Coast.We experienced an awesome year of Fishing Costa Rica in 2014. The sailfish bite is very good as we have begun another fishing season. We are also catching marlin, dorado, grouper, snapper and rooster fish. Come join us for some world class fishing in Costa Rica. Our full day offshore fishing charters are our the most popular.  We target sailfish, dorado (mahi mahi), marlin and sometimes tuna. You may also choose our offshore 3/4 day fishing charter. We will let you know at the time you book if the 3/4 trips are productive. Fish tend to move nearer to shore and farther offshore at times. We also offer our 1/2 day inshore/nearshore. We target roosterfish, mackerel, jacks, grouper and sometimes snapper on the half day Costa Rica fishing charter. We are here to provide you a safe, well maintained boat, a very experienced and courteous Captain and mate. You are probably traveling or already travelled a long distance to Costa Rica for your fishing. We want to give you the best. Expect the best and get the best with Big Eye Charters. Owners and Captains Promise.

marlin big eye II b2014

Offshore World Championship

We are thrilled to have participated in the 2014 Offshore World Championship. Last year’s tournament was awesome and broke a world record. There were 2,314 billfish releases in 3 days of the 2014 tournament. The Angolan team caught 76 sailfish and two dorado to win the 15th Annual 2014 Offshore World Championship. The anglers include Jan Jongschaap, Roderick Jongschaap, Kevin Jongschaap and Jose Manuel Cardoso. We were very happy to have the Winning Team from Angola representing the Luanda Sailfish Classic aboard The Big Eye on the final day of the Offshore World Championship 2014. We also want to thank Rafael Brigham from Angola for fishing with us on Day 1 aboard The Big Eye II. Rafael won 1st Place angler for the 2014 OWC. Our good friends Orange Beach, Al won 5th place and fished with us aboard The Big Eye on Day 1. The Breathe Reel Deep Team from Orange Beach was representing The Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic.



Full Day Offshore Fishing Charter

A full day fishing charter with Big Eye Charters will give you 9 or more hours on the water. There is usually one hour travel time each way. However, travel time may vary. We have fast boats to get you to the fish. If the fish are located farther offshore on that particular day then we will travel farther to find the fish. We are not limited to fishing closer to the shoreline as some of the discounted boats. We give you the extra effort and go the extra mile.We target sailfish, blue marlin, black marlin, dorado (mahi mahi), tuna, jacks, mackerel, roosterfish, cubera snapper and more. We provide water, sodas, beer, fresh Costa Rican fruit cut and sliced on the boat and a fresh local lunch.


3/4 Day Offshore Fishing Charter

We offer 3/4 offshore fishing charters when we know the fishing is good closer to shore. We usually do not catch large numbers of fish on this charter. However this can be a good charter to catch fish when the activity is closer to shore. Always ask about the bite on the 3/4 day charter where we can tell you how the bite is during that particular time. We provide water, sodas, beer, fresh Costa Rican fruit cut up right on the boat and a fresh local lunch.


1/2 Day Inshore/Nearshore

This fishing charter is fishing in sight of land often just off the shoreline around the beaches and also near rock formations. We target roosterfish, mackerels, snappers, grouper, jacks and bonita. Water, sodas, beer and fresh fruit are provided on this Quepos 1/2 day inshore fishing charter.




How many people may we bring on our fishing charter? A good comfortable number is 4 people. However you may bring up to 5 or 6 people.

What do you provide on your Quepos Fishing Charter Boats?  Professional, polite, experienced Captains and mates. Your mate will be on the back deck during the entire fishing charter to assist you with the fishing. He will also be there to make sure you have plenty to drink and eat while you enjoy your fishing experience. Our mates speak Spanish and English. We also provide boats that are safe and well maintained with life jackets and safety equipment on board. You will enjoy our comfortable seating with shaded area and restroom.

How about food and drinks? We provide water, sodas, beer, fresh Costa Rican fruit cut up right on the boat and a fresh local lunch.

Do we need to bring our own fishing tackle? No. You do not need to bring your own tackle. Of course you are welcome to bring your own tackle if you choose. You will experience catching fish on our first class Starr, Penn and Shimano fishing tackle. We also provide fly fishing tackle upon request.

Do we need to purchase fishing license? Yes, A fishing license is required for each person. You may purchase your fishing license for $15 per person at the booth on the left just before you enter the gate at the Fishing Pier. This license is valid for 8 days. I recommend you arrive at the Fishing Pier approximately 6:40am and you should be ready to depart on your charter at 7am. You may also purchase your fishing license online. See info below.

Sport fishing fans and tourism operators in the country now can file their requests for fishing licenses online. Previously, fishing licenses could only be obtained at the offices of the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute (INCOPESCA). But now the entire process – including payment – can be completed online. A license costs $15 for up to 8 days, $30 per month or $50 for a year. The price is the same for nationals and foreigners.López said licenses also are still available at INCOPESCA offices.Fishing licenses can be ordered at: http://www.incopesca.go.cr/carnets/tramites/SolicitudTraducido.aspx


What amount should I tip the Captain and deckhand? This is always your choice. Tipping your crew is similar to tipping your server in a restaurant. In the charter fishing industry around the world, a suggested gratuity would be 15-20%. This amount is shared equally between the Captain and mate. You may tip them together or separately. The Captain and mate arrive almost two hours prior to the charter departure to prepare for your fishing charter. They pick up fresh fruit, ice and bait. They fuel the boat and do a daily safety and maintenance check. They also stay another 1-2 hours in the afternoon cleaning the boat and fishing tackle. The lunches are often prepared by the Captain and/or his wife. These guys have long days but they love what they do. He also serves you nice cold beverages throughout the day. You will enjoy the chilled or heated lunch that is served to you while you take a break from fishing. However, do not be surprised if your lunch is interrupted by a big fish on the line. Most of all, your mate will be working hard throughout the day to ensure you experience the best fishing charter possible.  Cash tips are always appreciated. Please remember, the amount tipped is always your choice. 

Where are your boats located?  Our boats, Big Eye and Big Eye II are located at the Quepos Pier. If you are taking a taxi, then tell your driver you are going to the Fishing Pier. If you are driving from Manuel Antonio, drive down the mountain to Quepos. Drive through town and take a left on the main street by the water. Continue driving past the Pez Vela Marina which is located on the right. The road will change to a gravel drive and you will see the Pier. It looks like a big bridge. It is the old banana dock for the ships from days past. You will park and walk toward the gate. Stop at the booth on the left and purchase your fishing license. Continue through the gate and go to the next booth on the right. Hang out and watch for your boat, Big Eye or Big Eye II. Once you see it coming toward the dock then walk down the walkway. You will be assisted as you board your boat.

How do we get transportation to the boat and back to the hotel? If you do not have a car then you may call a taxi or have the hotel call a taxi for you. As you are returning from sea, you may tell your Captain to call you a taxi to pick you up at the pier. Your Captain will give you a taxi #.












Great weather and great fishing this week of March 1st, 2015. We have a busy week ahead but still have availability. Come join us. The fishing has been very good. See our complete Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Quepos below.



Fishing Costa Rica with Big Eye Charters | 




Offshore World Championship




Big Dorado


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Saltwater Sportsman


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family sailfishFamily fishing is a great activity in Costa Rica. We have a fighting chair on the boat so mom, dad and the kids can take a seat and fight a big fish like a pro. We also have stand up tackle with a fighting belt. Awesome experience for a kid to share with friends at school. This can be an absolute memory of a lifetime. The fishing will also become a spectator sport as everyone cheers for the angler who is battling the fish. You finally reel the fish to the boat and it is time for celebration.

 Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is only 3 miles from Quepos, Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio is know for the National Park, a spectacular view, great restaurants, hotels, motels, condos, resorts and some very nice shops. Just remember, if you are looking for Manuel Antonio fishing then you are only ten minutes away from the fishing dock. The National Park is located by the beach. You will most likely see monkeys, sloths, many kinds of birds, butterflies, raccoons, deer and much more. The beach is a great place to relax, swim, dine at the restaurants or enjoy some shopping.


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